The F&B-HYGIA® pumps are single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps specially developed for the food and beverage industries - hence the "F&B" in the name. These compact units are designed for flexible use, allowing many different businesses to benefit from their reliable performance.

  • High quality from end to end

    F&B-HYGIA® pumps are made from AISI 316 stainless steel in a compact design that makes them highly mobile and easy to fit into any system. One of the features that make this compact size possible is the plug-in shaft solution that also makes service easier.

  • Based on strict standards

    Sanitary process technology calls for very high-quality solutions. In recognition of this fact, F&B-HYGIA® pumps were designed on the basis of the recommendations laid down in the 3A sanitary standard and the recommendations of the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG). This is part of what makes them a very popular choice for food and beverage applications all over the world.

  • Technical data

    Depending on pump type

    up to 90 m³/h
    up to 50 m
    Operating pressure:
    up to 10 bar
    Operating temperature:
    Sterilisation temperature:
    140°C (SIP)
  • Applications

    • Gentle pumping of mash and wort for beer filtration (hot side)
    • Liquid transfer in dairies
    • Water treatment plants
    • Chemical and environmental handling systems
    • Liquids with high content of solid particles
  • Features and benefits

    • Optimised hydraulics
    • Gentle product handling
    • Materials: AISI 316 (DIN EN 1.4404)
Featured application

Milk production

See how the F&B-HYGIA® excels in the gentle handling of the milk production process.

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