Measurement and control

Grundfos measurement and control units are easy to use and comprehensive at the same time. They all have convenient, multilingual, plain-text operator prompting which makes even the most complicated settings extremely easy. For even greater convenience, we also provide complete systems consisting of a measuring amplifier and all necessary sensors pre-mounted on a base plate and wired ready for use. These Plug and Play systems offer impressive, all-round reliability, ease of use and high precision. And our versatile measuring amplifiers offer ultra-precise measurement and control of pH values, redox (ORP), chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

By precisely dosing the amount of chemicals required, you make sure that the process water in food & beverage applications does not contain any unwanted substances or flavours that may interfere with the quality of the finished product. And to monitor that the water in filling tanks and CIP applications only contains the requested concentration of chemicals and none of the unwanted substances, you need effective and reliable measurement and control equipment. And Grundfos can offer you just that.

General applications

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Industrial process water and wastewater* treatment
  • Food and beverage industry

* for effluent disinfection

Features and benefits

  • Plain-text operator prompting
  • Straightforward calibration
  • Sensors comply with water chemistry requirements
  • Manages chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone
  • pH value, redox potential (ORP) and temperature
  • Maintenance-free electrodes and single-rod probes
  • Conductivity - conductive or inductive sensors
  • Peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide
  • Membrane-covered measuring electrodes